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Visitors to the company’s Ukrainian website,, will find a map of Crimea as they remember it. The border with Russia is unmarked, but the internal boundary with the rest of Ukraine is clear.

Russian visitors to Google get a very different picture. In no uncertain terms is the area marked as a separate country from wider Ukraine.

When international visitors look at the area, we’re given an answer somewhere in the middle; Google uses its legend for disputed borders between mainland Ukraine and Crimea.

Google already gained a reputation for trying to please all sides from similar cases. For instance, Indian visitors to the site are show the area of Aksai Chin, north-east of Kashmir, as Indian, while Chinese visitors are shown the same area as part of their country.

"Google Maps makes every effort to depict disputed regions and features objectively," a spokesperson told the Guardian. "Our Maps product reflects border disputes, where applicable. Where we have local versions, we follow local regulations for naming and borders."

Other online mapping services have not been as quick to move. Microsoft’s Bing still shows Crimea as staunchly Ukrainian, whatever language the user speaks.


But one site takes the referendum very seriously indeed. Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, uses bold colouring to make the political statements in its map clear. For its users, Crimea is Russian.


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On that ever-mysterious rubric, “literary fiction”: “It was clever marketing by publishers to set certain contemporary fiction apart and declare it Literature—and therefore Important, Art, and somehow better than other writing … Jane Austen’s works are described as literary fiction. This is nonsense … Austen never for a moment imagined she was writing Literature. Posterity decided that—not her, not John Murray, not even her contemporary readership. She wrote fiction, to entertain and to make money.”
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happy easter here’s a chocolate version of the cross our lord was tortured and killed on


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